Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ordinary Kid or Extraordinary Secret Agent?

Connor is the "kid of the week" at school and as part of this, I had to write a letter or story about him for the teacher to read to the class. It's been a rotten week of upheaval and drama on the homefront, so I wrote a funny story to make us all laugh. I thought I might as well share it with all of you. We all need to laugh, right?!

Once upon a time, in the quiet little town of West Haven, there lived a boy named Connor. Connor seemed to be a quiet, average third grader who attended West Haven Elementary. He had two little brothers named Nathan and Lucas, he was in the Bear Den at Cub Scouts, he loved to ride his bike really fast, he played computer games, he could swim like a fish, and he designed and built Lego creations. Nobody knew the secret life Connor lived when nobody was watching.
Connor seemed like an ordinary kid, but actually he was a secret agent! His main job was to find people who were in trouble and help them. He did this with the help of the people at HQ, some very nifty gadgets from the Gary the Gadget Guy, and (believe it or not) from his Lego creations. While his mom thought Connor was building cool Lego spaceships and fighter aircraft, Connor was actually building things that were real! As soon as his spy phone rang with a call about a mission for him to go on, Connor would build the kind of ship or jet or car or whatever else he needed for the mission. Then he would sneak out onto the trampoline with it and press the “life-size” button on his special remote control. As soon as he pressed the button, whatever Lego creation he was holding in his hand would get big and actually fly or shoot lasers or whatever else he had designed it to do!
One day, Connor’s spy phone rang while he was doing his math homework at the kitchen table. HQ was calling about a black and white kitten that was stuck in a tree in the snow on the highest mountain in the world. Connor immediately stopped complaining to his mom about doing homework. He finished in ultra-speed and ran up to his room. He grabbed his Legos and built a super-fast jet plane with a turbo boost light speed engine. Then he built a jetpack and a snowboard with some lightning bolts to increase the speed. He hid all of his creations under his shirt and ran outside to the trampoline where he pressed the “life-size” button on his remote. Before his mom even knew he was gone, Connor was zooming away at the speed of light in his jet.
Within minutes, Connor was across the big ocean and crossing a gorge. He could see the world’s tallest mountain on the other side of the gorge. He flipped open his computer and activated his airplane’s spy cam which launched out of a hatch on the plane and zoomed up the mountain. It transmitted pictures to Connor’s computer. Finally, Connor could see where the kitten was. He landed the plane at the bottom of the mountain, strapped his snowboard to his feet and pulled on his jet pack. In a few moments, he had jet-packed up the side of the mountain and to the tree where the kitten was. He gave her a treat and put her carefully inside his warm coat. Then he turned off his jetpack and snowboarded down the mountain. It was the most exciting ride of his life!
When Connor got back home, he turned his Legos small again and ran into the house with the cat. His mom fed it some kitty food and tucked it into Connor’s bed. Connor named the kitten “Lucky” and she became his secret agent spy cat and went on many adventures with him.
So if you ever see Connor around school and he disappears suddenly, you’ll know that he’s probably left to go on an important mission with Lucky the spy cat and his real-life Lego creations. You should ask him about it if you see him come back.

The End—Until the Next Mission
Copyright 2011 Laurie Innocenzi


  1. Great job saving the kitty, Connor! And great job on this fun story, Laurie! I know my 3rd-grader would love to have a story like this written about him. Thanks for sharing. :)